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Cost Per Mile and Profit Per Mile Books
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Cost Per Mile Book Profit Per Mile Book

Ever wonder? "How can those guys operate for that price?" Or "They can't make any profit at hauling it at that !" "Do they know something I don't ?" Truth be told,  they do! They know their expenses inside and out. They know what is contained in these two books. They know what they can run for, what they can't run for and what their profit will be. They know every single aspect of their business. Cost Per Mile  and Profit per Mile can help you do the same. How, you may ask? Cost per Mile and Profit Per Mile are the most comprehensive books on today's market concerning the operating costs of the trucker. No other books covers these  issues as completely and easily as these books. They are written in easy to understand terms and phrases so easy anyone can understand. Inside these books you will find explanations, formulas and worksheets. These books have helped so many truckers just as it will help you. These books are a "MUST READ" for anyone in trucking whether it be an old veteran or someone new  to the field. At the price of $4.95 per book plus shipping and handling, this is a bargain by anyone's standards. You will get a return on your investment many times over! Don't take our word for it, check out our Customer Comments Page to see  what our customers say about Cost Per Mile. Our FAQ's and Most Asked Question Page answers most questions. If you still have a question feel free to CONTACT US

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