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Argos Software
Transportation software designed by Argos Software for the requirements of the transportation industry: dispatching, fuel taxes, settlements, EDI, billing, safety and driver’s logs, fleet maintenance, distribution / warehousing / storage, payroll, vertically integrated accounting, and more.

Arsenault Associates
Feature-rich, intuitive, technically superior and supported like no other program is how people describe the Dossier32 fleet maintenance management software.Whether you are computerizing your fleet for the first time or looking to replace an older legacy system, Dossier32 will make the task and for the long term. Designed by fleet people for fleet people, the program provides a well-rounded, integrated system that works the way you do. Even a computer novice can get the program up and running quickly and produce measurable results.

Artronix Software Inc.
Trucking software for the TL, LTL, Broker and Dump Operations. FreightWare is the answer to trucking software, logistics software or transportation software needs.

Aurora Software
Aurora Software, Inc., developers of Trans*Eaz, the complete information technology system for the transportation industry. Since 1984, we have created software for LTL, intermodal, truckload and air freight motor carriers. Trans*Eaz is a fully integrated set of software modules for operations and accounting designed specifically for your transportation company. Transportation is our business ... our only business. And, we would like to make it a part of yours.

Axon Development Corporation
Trucking Software has traditionally been available in one of two ways. You could either hire programmers to write software to address your specific problems (custom software), or you could purchase a program written to meet the needs of a number of companies, and sold "as-is" ("packaged software"). But breakthrough technology now means that you have a third, much more attractive option. It's called Custom - Tailored Software.

BLGen is a product of TransportGistics. TRANSPORTGISTICS provides solutions for reducing transportation expenses, managing transportation functions and executing transportation tasks within the supply chain. Managing the costs of moving goods and information through the supply chain is a huge challenge for companies today. A single shipment involves inter-company and intra-company transactions and communications. In the lifecycle of every transaction, data is required by a variety of people including vendors, customers, carriers, customer service, accounting, purchasing, product coordination, inventory management, warehouse management and fulfillment.

Bluebird Systems, headquartered in Carlsbad, California, develops and markets a suite of software used to input, store, and manage documents in concert with application software products that are developed and installed by leading industry vendors such as PeopleSoft and IBM.

Brasl Inc
The Dump Truck System (DTS) is a comprehensive computer program that has been designed by dump truck companies and developed with state of the art software that scales from small outfits to fleets that gross millions per month. The DTS runs on a single computer, or in a networked environment with multiple users. The information is secure. Users log in with user identifications and passwords. Access to the various screens and reports is granted via roles.

Butler & Associates
We are pleased to announce revision 1.0 of eTrace-It, our Internet based load tracing system that interfaces with MBS and allows your customers to track and trace the movement of their loads. Now you can provide up to date load status information via the Internet. With eTrace-It you can eliminate the phone trace inquiry and the faxing of trace reports to your customers.

Carrier Logistics,Inc.
CLI has been providing solutions to the transportation industry since 1972. We know computers. But more importantly, we understand the transportation industry and the people who work in it. We are more than a vendor - we are a partner. Once you see our software, you will understand how we've made it our jobs to provide effective, advanced solutions.From dispatching to freight bill entry to mobile data communications, from call logging to general ledger to EDI transactions, our FACTS 2000 family of products allows you to stay ahead of the competition! All of our software can be easily tailored to fit the unique operational environments found at each LTL and Distribution company.

CPI Pro Series
Pro Series Trucking Software is your answer to more effective, more efficient management of your trucking business information and paperwork. Pro Series Software will improve your trucking company's profitability and overall ability to meet the challenges ahead.

CSI software applications for the following types of Transportation Companies: Dry Van, Dump Truck, Intermodal, Tank Truck (Petroleum,Dry or Liquid Bulk), and Transportation Intermediaries

Database Business Systems
DBS provide inexpensive and easy to use software solutions for the transport industry. Our packages are accessible to owner-operators, small to medium enterprises to large companies with many users. Our range of four packages DBS Bronze, DBS Silver, DBS Gold and Platinum mean there is a solution there to suit your needs and you can customize the system to suit your operations.

DPS Software Systems
DPS Software Systems, Inc. was originally founded in 1985 by Dave Scheidler, an individual who had been active in the transportation industry for 25 years. For most of that time he served as the Administrative Vice President of a major California LTL carrier. With this expertise Dave Scheidler set out to develop the most complete and efficient trucking management system on the market

Dr. Dispatch Software
Dr Dispatch Is Fast Becoming The Industries Leading Operations Software. A Very Affordable Package With All The Amenities...Complete Dispatch For Trucking And Brokerage, Invoicing, A/R, A/P, Company Revenue, Driver Payroll And Basic Fuel Tax.

DRG Software
The software program maintains a database of all expenses and incomes associated with a trucking business, whether you are an individual owner-operator, or involved with a multi-driver organization. The stored data is used to output reports which track expenses and income, in comparison to days spent on the road, mileage driven, fuel consumed, etc., giving the user detailed and in-depth analysis tools. The program eliminates the need to maintain time consuming, "handwritten" expense logs, giving the user more time for driving, with less time spent on bookkeeping. By simply entering the information from all expense receipts collected during a road trip, the user creates an organized, as well as completely customizable, way to store and collate all business expenditures and income.

Edonna Products & Services, Inc.

Eclipse Software is an e-business application developed specifically for small to mid-size trucking firms and independent carriers to file the fuel tax reports required by the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) jurisdictional reporting agencies. offers one stop, simple solutions for hassle-free fuel tax reporting. saves you time and money by streamlining the preparation and reporting of fuel tax (IFTA) through the automated transfer of entered data in Fuel FasTax© 2.11 to Fuel FasTax© Online. takes the headache out of the fuel tax reporting process

Fastlane Software Inc.
At FastLane we provide a full line of trucking software, as well as hardware and software consultation. The founders of FastLane realize a necessity for new software to take the transportation industry into the new millennium. Updates of older systems simply don't conform to the high speed computers and software of today, which can leave your business without the potential for growth and change. Based in South Texas, on the Gulf Coast, we have dedicated ourselves to excellence in customer service, continual development, and to having the flexibility we need to service each individual customer.

FleetWise VB
FleetWise VB is Maintenance Management Made Simple. Our software offers advanced features but is extremely easy to use. It includes detailed Unit Information for both vehicles and pieces of equipment. Extremely flexible Preventive Maintenance Scheduling is part of the standard package. Repair orders can be automatically created for PM's. The Repair Order System is extremely flexible. Unlimited repairs can be performed on single repair order. The repair order system interfaces with the Inventory Control Module for complete inventory management. Fluid Tickets can be entered to update PM's and update odometers and hour meters. Fluid consumption reports are available for fuel, as well as motor oil, or any other fluid. The Tire Tracking Module provides detailed tire tracking and reporting. Call (800) 296-2609 for a free demo, or visit our website to learn more and request a demo

Forrest-Leigh Inc.
FLI designs advanced software systems utilizing a variety of programming tools and technology platforms. We specialize in applications that interface with relational databases, particularly those that utilize Oracle or Microsoft products and tools. These systems, complemented by our outstanding service, make FLI-designed systems one of a kind.

FrateZone Solutions
We're a small group of transportation and customs professionals with programming abilities blessed with creativity, ingenuity and a bit of luck. Our focus is to provide you with quality oriented data and solutions. We do not sell freight nor do we intend on selling freight on behalf on any one carrier. The only product we are interesting in providing you are our very own line of FrateZone modules. We are in constant touch with other professionals in various industries to broaden our understanding and knowledge of what is required by individuals and corporations like yourselves. We spend countless hours developing modules so they best suit situations in the real world. As part of our main goal, we will continue to develop no-nonsense and easy modules relative to the transportation and customs fields..

Headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, Freight Logix designs, develops, and implements innovative solutions for the transportation industry. In development for over three years, with client installations since 2000, Freight Logix provides dramatic benefits in virtually all aspects of freight management. By integrating all functions of your operation, from Order Entry through Driver Settlements, Freight Logix eliminates redundant data entry, reduces errors and improves efficiency and profitability.

Trucking software for the Truckload, Local Truckload, Broker and Dump Operations. Freight.Ware is the answer to your logistic or transportation software needs. Designed for today's competitive marketplace, our trucking software product line, Freight.Ware is a full-featured, multi-modal fleet management system that gives the small to mid-size carriers the same options and functionality of the large carriers!

Dispatch and accounting software for trucking companies and freight brokers.

GeoTab Canada


Haul Tech Software

Karmak, Inc. is a leading provider of computer business systems to the heavy-duty truck industry. Its profit-generating software serves warehouse distributors, service shops, spring shops, truck dealers and other businesses directly related to the heavy-duty industry. Karmak supports customer business systems in over 1,800 locations throughout the United States Canada and Latin America.

Logistics Systems Engineering

-MacD CompuPros
SuperTrucker 98 is a compliance program but a low cost accounting program to be used by single and small fleet owner operators. Using simple fill-in-the-blanks type forms, Owner Operators can record revenue & expense data. The powerful report module will provide them with revenue & expense cost per mile as well as a complete financial report. Other reports include Load Profit/Loss, Fuel MPG and State miles for their IFTA Report.

MiddleWest Motor Freight Bureau
Your Leading Provider of Transportation Software and Data Services in the Trucking Industry.

Is a low cost truck tracker. The software that we provide receives the position reports from the Internet and displays them on a US map. Then by clicking on a location, it brings up a state map followed by a city map.

Multimodal Billing and Logistics System
MBS is a freight management system for the over the road, intermodal and air freight industry. The system features dispatch, electronic rail billing, prenoting, tracing, customer reporting, customer invoicing and scores of other features that are unique to these modes of the transportation business. MBS is installed at 200 plus locations in the United States and Canada. In 1999 it dispatched, tracked, and managed 750 million dollars of freight logistics.This product runs on stand alone PC's and, on all of the major network operating

Operating Tax Specialists, Inc.
Traditionally, the Achilles heel of any tax software has been the credibility of the publisher - what do they know about IFTA? RoadTax with IntelliRoute breaks new ground by relying on experts, seasoned tax professionals who are intimately familiar with the intricacies of Transportation Tax Law and the mileage and routing knowledge of the world's largest commercial cartographer. Operating Tax Systems, LLC, in conjunction with Rand McNally, created RoadTax to provide motor carriers with a complete, easy-to-use application to manage the complex information and reporting requirements of IFTA, IRP,SSRS and FHUT, as well as the minefield of assorted state mileage, Ad -Valorem and other transportation taxes. Our tax software systems not only improve compliance time and accuracy, but also allow for better utilization of resources and effective tax planning.


Free Data Management & Dispatch software for Trucking Companies and / or Load Brokers

Perfit Computer System Group Inc - EMDECS

Pegasus TransTech

Pluss Corporation
PLUSS CORPORATION isn't just a provider of the Leading Heavy Duty Truck Software on the market. They also provide full service customer support services, continuing research and development, plus installation, training, documentation, sales and marketing, and administrative services for every customer. Our software specialists work closely with customers in areas such as inventory control, service department management, accounting, new and used truck sales, and much more.

Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. is the single source for integrated Internet and Windows ® -based software solutions for today’s transportation companies. Our products and dedication to our customers are built on more than 15 years of quality service and more than 25,000 product installations for customers ranging from the largest Fortune 100 companies to the smallest fleets.Prophesy continues to provide Internet and software solutions that meet and exceed the needs of companies facing the information revolution in transportation.

RCN - Conti
Using NaviSat Software at Home Base, dispatcher receiving information, which coming from truck board computer by his request or automatically by events (timer, distance and etc.) through SMS or data GSM channel. provides a perfect tool to allow companies to post their routing guides on the web, making access available to all and making instant changes possible where and when carrier or modes changes are necessary.

Scanlon Associates
Driver log auditing software and random drug testing software. The first Internet site where you can download operational software for DOT and non-DOT drug testing management, Medical Review Officers, and third party drug testing administrators. We also feature driver log audit software for the trucking and transportation industry.

Silk Systems Inc.
Silk Systems Inc. has been providing its business management information system to companies throughout North America since 1988. It is a fully integrated software solution that handles all business aspects of most industries: P.O.S., Order Processing Inventory Control, Credit Management, Sales Analysis, Price Quotations, Purchasing, Rental Management, Service Dispatch, Warranty Tracking, Work Order Processing, Time Management, Accounting and Financial Reporting. Silk Software is platform independent and is available for Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems

TDS Inc.
Providing Quality, Affordable transportation software since 1985. Products include Fueltax, Maintenance, Drivers Logs, Driver Settlements, Accounting, Dispatch, Freight Billing, Mileage, Routing and more.

The Great Information Factory
The Great Information Factory, Inc. (TGIF) specializes in computer solutions for the transportation industry. Steve Cummings originally developed TransFormation software from inside the trucking industry in 1982. Steve was employed by a major California LTL carrier that was looking for a more efficient way of performing their day to day operations. Based on the inside knowledge of the transportation industry along with a degree in accounting. TransFormation is a completely integrated software package designed to fill the information technology requirements of the motor carrier business. The package includes all of the operational and accounting components necessary for the day to day operations of your company.

TMS Trucking and Logistics Software
TMS software has been improved upon and expanded for over a decade with the help of valuable feedback from our users. This system has been developed with the single purpose of providing owners and managers with the best possible control of their overall business. No one in our industry can offer you a more complete, feature packed, time tested, customizable software package than the TMS system. Call today to discuss and arrange for an onsite or on-line demonstration. We are confident you will quickly see for yourself why Transportation Management Software is the best on the market today.

Truck Tracker Software
Truck Tracker Pro is a program designed to make managing your fleet easier. It regulates your maintenance, repairs, tires, fuel, logs, permits and tags, preventative maintenance scheduling, as well as an optional parts inventory management system.

Wolfebytes Software
Wolfbytes Software Inc. has been producing quality software for nearly a decade. The company was incorporated in 1998 after many satisfied clients and completed projects. We are located in Muskego, WI near the city of Milwaukee. Our software has been successfully implemented in areas including automotive manufacturing plants, insurance agencies, educational facilities, and healthcare. We pride ourselves in the service provided to our clients and continually try to improve and produce the best products possible.

Yard View
Yard Management is a dynamic part of the supply chain resulting in broad positive impacts on the balance sheet and in customer service. Yard Management is the ability to track trailers and containers pertinent data including who brought it in, who owns it, where it is, what’s on it, how long it’s been there and where it’s supposed to be when. It might be the most expensive mile in the supply chain.

About the author
Scott Elgin has been in the trucking business since 1982, acting as both a motor carrier and a freight agent. During this time, he has overseen thousands of units servicing the entire continental United States.

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