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Need Work? Want to increase profits? Operate more efficiently? Sure everyone does! has created a new service to do just that! has long been considered one of the original leading Trucking portals on the internet. I would like to personally invite you to become a member of’s Pilot Car Network. Our pilot car network makes your company more visible to tons of trucking companies that would not normally know of your service or that your company even existed. Our network also makes it possible for trucking companies to find you, bid for movements and hire you for those movements online.

The process to become a member is very simple. All you have to do is register then post when and where you will be available for another movement along with the preferred destinations. I highly suggest that you post when you are at home base and available also to inform trucking companies that you are available. Trucking Companies will contact you to hire, bid or contract you for their movements. If you find one load within a year, our subscription price will have paid for itself.

The cost to be a member of our Pilot Car Network is a subscription price of $20 per month. Less than a dollar a day!  If you enroll for one year in’s Pilot Car Network. You will automatically be listed in our popular, well known, Pilot Car Directory. Along with access to our "pilot Car" message board and have access to our  “Tools Section” to assist you in your everyday operations and operate more efficiently. That alone is a $100 a year benefit provided FREE.

IMPORTANT: If you register as a trucking company. You will not be able to post as pilot car.

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