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Looking for Pilot Cars? Looking for Pilot Car Customers? Our Pilot Car Network Puts Trucking Companies and Pilot Car Companies Together


Pilot car operators, stop losing money by escorting loads one way and then deadheading back because of the lack of a return load. Instead, join TruckInfo.netís Pilot Car Network and increase your profit by operating more efficiently. Our Pilot Car Network uses a method that trucking companies have utilized for years. We make it possible for your movements to become two-way instead of one-way, exactly the way the trucking industry does. By being a member of our network and posting your location, trucking companies that need pilot car service will contact you to escort another load from where you end up. We have over 100 trucking companies looking for pilot cars daily!

A comment from one of our customers:

It was a great way to get exposure for a new company.  We've been in business for over 2 years now, and have been blessed with a good customer base.  Thank you. Rick

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