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What do you feel is the single biggest problem facing drivers and owner operators or companies for that matter ?

Lack of respect towards others

For me, the biggest problem facing the professional trucking industry today is the general lack of concern displayed by many truckers for their fellow drivers on the highways and byways observed daily.  This lack of concern is not only for the non-professional, everyday motorist, who may be commuting to work, or just out for a drive, but the other teamsters out there plying their trade, trying to support a family. I have been trucking for over 30 years, and no one can tell me that they are so rushed for time that they can't afford to take a moment to back out of it for another vehicle on the on ramp, or someone wanting to get over.  It took me a long time to learn that just because I am wheeling  80,000 lbs. down the road doesn't make me king of that road; it does make me alot more responsible for my fellow motorist

do to rising fuel costs, owner operators. need to be compensated for "real" time away from home and maintenance on their trucks. minimum 1.00 per hub mile or 1.10 hhg mile- .82-.85 cpm today is not worth the time and effort for today's truck driver work locally in Phoenix, AZ 55 hrs per week , and gross 1100 per week and  i go home every night. why bother being out from your wife n children  when u can make a decent living right in your own back yard- ( the 1.00 per mile is for a driver leased onto a national carrier using their trailers; if contracted to a broker and o/o has his own trailer, 1.50 per mile would be the minimum... thx

Well I think that this is the best possible time in the history of the trucking industry to demand and get the rates & hours set by trucker's for trucker's we have got to get organized there's too many rule's now. on the 10-1-2000 if you want things to change Don't start the motor in that rig. Take a few days off. visit some friends, go fishing. if every one did this in 5 days someone with the power &position would be making some moves to find out what the problem is and away to correct it so many of us have forgotten why this country was started in the first place Taxes our for fathers would not have stood still for this . it seems to me that the people of this country have forgot what there made of  if you don't stand for something then you stand for nothing. it's up to you each of you have to live with yourself &and the choices you make  well that's all i got to say about it 

The biggest problem facing trucking industry is the fuel price and the rates.  We have been into trucking for 14 years.  Our rates for hauling grain is the lower now that what it was 5 years ago. Also, the custom cutters and farmers that don't have the right permits are out there cutting the rates just to keep busy during the winter months.  I think that every truck on the road no matter who they are should have to have all the permits, insurance, and tags that we as professionals have to have. Maybe that would stop some of the rate cutting

I believe we all agree that oil prices have gotten out of control a long time ago. In the Toronto Sun article of the September 13, 2000, edition titled" Martin feels your pain" he (the Canadian Finance Minister)  is quoted as saying regarding oil prices "The answer is not simply for OPEC countries to increase output. A way must be found to end the volatility in the market and hold prices at a sustained level. "There is a way. But the political will does not exist anywhere among theG-7 (or is it G-8?). The oil producers, mainly the middle-eastern countries, have the oil cartel. Why don't the G-7 countries and others have one of their own? An economic cartel. For every dollar per barrel of crude over $25, food prices to these countries are raised 100 percent, and pharmaceutical products by 1000 percent. Barbaric you think? No more than the havoc these out of control oil prices have had and will continue to have on the poor of most countries and the negative impact it will soon or later have on most national economies despite Martin's denial of the latter. A stalemate would occur you might say? Not if the oil producers realized that the political will existed and that the rest of the world meant

There are so many trucks on the road that it is even beginning to be a problem to drive at night anymore , there's no reason for  any one truck driver  to have to drive across country or (over the road as the new comers say it now).  There has got to be a way to be away to duplicate the system that the freight haulers use such as Roadway , Yellow, UPS, and some common carriers already use  Regional or from state line to state line .  Talk to your company officials about it ,find out what their scoop is and ,then take action to try to figure out a way to fight all of these rules and regulations for driving time and ,(other rules also,) that the state and federal government are coming up with .  For instance here in my state (which I'm half heatedly ashamed to say i live in) Arkansas, look at the new law that was pasts for speeding (just for  18 wheelers not any other vehicles), The fines for speeding for up to 5 mph over the speed limit is $130.00  and for every mph over that is $50.00  so for 75mph in Arkansas your ticket would cost you $380.00 . This is unconstitutional !!! discrimination for an equal rights state , what's good for one is good for the other . set limits on everyone else and see what happens, you bet your bottom dollar that wont happen because most Americans wont let it happen. I know that truckers are a small population compared to the rest
of this nation  but, we can be the biggest problem for this nation . we're being stepped on day by day  , it's time to fight back and quit being the soft hearted people that just say ,what can we do about it , look what Canadians have accomplished ,they might not have gotten everything they wanted but they got more than they had .   NO MORE NEW RULES AND REGULATIONS. We don't need new log book rules , and if this new bill does pass ,  don't quit and find something else to do, fight back . Refuse to take a load anywhere . Demand a sufficient salary or  hourly wage , strike do what you got to  to get what you want. There's to many wimps out here anymore .    Stand up for yourself and your fellow truckers. I hope this little letter does something to inspire all of you WIMPS. You know who you are.
                                              What you sacrifice for today you
                                               Will benefit tomorrow

I read all the letters regarding what is the hardest thing facing owner / operators.  Everyone had a good point, fuel prices, the cost of running the equipment, is it really worth being away from your family with the money you gross after you are done paying for everything else. In the business industry for many years, working for others only on our own very recently one year.  But I understand there sweat and fears, and I relate to the last letter, dont be a whimp.  What you sacrafice now, you gain later. That is exactly what we are doing know.  Facing a million dollar man, who wants us to be more competitive in our prices.  Slash our prices for truck (block) delivery, not to pass  this savings on to his customers, but to pass it into his pocket. We sacrifice everything, to gain a little and the little we gain he wants to too.  Well it is time, we will stand but never fall.  Fight to the end, and in the end if we no longer use work in this place and loose our ass, so be it.  Because you have no place to go but up when your down.  Never give in to what you know is right, and when the big man wants to put you down, you go down fighting all the way. Thanks so much for your thoughts, they let me know there are still go people out there not willing to sell out their neighbor.  Stand for what they know is right, and encourage others to do the same.

In Arizona

One of the biggest problems faceing Truckers today is their attitude. I know it is a small percentage but they are making all drivers look bad,I am talking about all the garbage they say on the C.B. . They use such filthy language  and some of them think they own the road the way they drive. Very few are courteous and have respect for other drivers. C.B. radios should be banned in trucks and the police should get tough with speeders and aggressive driving.  Drivers should be reported to their companies if they are speeding or being stupid.

My biggest concern in this industry is two fold first the lack of respect the drivers recive from the carriers they work for.And second the lack of respect they have for themselves as well as law enforcement and other drivers.Ive been driving 17yrs and the biggest problem turnover rates and bad attidudes can be attributed to the afore mentioned.Its not the money that stays the same no matter where a guy goes its not fuel surcharge.I will SPELL IT OUT'carriers they are constantly hiring retraining and there is always a driver shortage.Why did they not have these problems when the union controlled the industry.Because they knew how to run a business.NOW ADAYS ANY MORON CAN START A TRUCKING COMPANY.And treat the drver owner op or company driver like crap and if he quits retrain and say theres a shortage.

The goverment had no business deregulating this industry.They had no idea what they had done until recently.From the damaged roads to the parking problems to the 18 wheel cowboy.and the list goes on'turnover rates bankruptcies'not being in compliance.Road rage fraud' usis dac law suits.just to mention a few.

What has been hurting intermodal companies and the owner operators that they use is the stagnation in rates and continuing spiral of fuel costs and related charges. Most of the freight in this industry is controlled by steamship lines and freight forwarders. Most of these companies are very balky about raising fuel surcharges to correct levels. Many of them feel that 10% FSC should be totally suffient to cover any fuel costs. Many only grugingly go up, and there is always someone out there willing to move their load at the cheap rate, just to have something to do, or get an opening with the steamship line.

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