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Questions and Answers About’s Pilot Car Network


Why become a member of the Pilot Car Network?

Exposure, efficiency and increased revenue, plain and simple! Our pilot car network makes your company more visible to hundreds of trucking companies that would not normally know your company even exists. Our network also makes it possible for trucking companies to find you, bid for movements and hire you online for those movements. Stop losing money through deadheading or sitting around waiting for the next job.


How does the Pilot Car Network work?

When you post when and where you are available, trucking companies will be able to find you, contact you and hire you for movements that they need pilot car service for. You can also locate loads that companies need pilot car services to move and bid on them.


Pilot Car Company Questions


As a pilot car company, how do I use the Pilot Car Network?

It's simple. Just register, then post when and where you will be available for another movement along with your preferred destinations. We highly suggest you post when you are at home base and available. It’s easy and quick to do that: In the "Manage my Pilot Car" section, check or uncheck the box that automatically shows you at your home base. You can also view loads that need pilot car services and contact the trucking companies concerning those loads. Additionally, trucking companies will email you loads for bid that they need pilot car services for. You can bid on the requests you are interested in via email. If you find just one load within a year, your subscription price will have paid for itself.


As a pilot car company, what is the cost of the Pilot Car Network?

Becoming a member of our Pilot Car Network costs a subscription price of $20 a month. That’s less than a dollar a day!  If you enroll for one year in’s Pilot Car Network, you will automatically be listed in our popular, well-known Pilot Car Directory. Along with access to our Pilot Car message board, you’ll have access to our “Tools Section” to assist you in your everyday operations and operate more efficiently. That alone is a $100 a year benefit provided FREE. Register now.


Trucking Company Questions


As a trucking company, how do I use the Pilot Car Network?

You can use our US map or searches to find available pilot cars for your movements quick and easily. You can also use one simple form to email your movement for bid to all the pilot car companies that requested to receive your requests. They will email you back if they are interested. This is a real time saver!


As a trucking Company, what is the cost of using the Pilot Car Network?

Trucking companies can utilize our Pilot Car Network to post loads for bid for FREE. They can also find pilot cars needed for their movements FREE. Register now.


Other Questions


How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your Pilot Car Network subscription at any time by making this request via email or mail. Please do not call our office as we cannot cancel memberships over the telephone. When we receive a written cancellation notice, either mail or email, your membership will be cancelled immediately. We require a written notice via email or mail so that we can send a confirmation that your account has been cancelled. Contact Us



Why haven't I seen any loads posted on the Available Loads map?

We have over 100 companies that actively seek pilot cars for their transportation needs. After speaking with most of them personally, we’ve learned that most, if not all, prefer to contact you via email or phone directly. Only when this fails will they post a load for bids.  Register now for the Pilot Car Network.