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Questions and Answers About’s “Add My Listing” Pay Per Click System

Why join's Pay Per Click service?
Joining's Pay Per Click service allows you to place listings in's directory pages on a pay-for-performance basis. Your account funds are deducted only when a site visitor clicks on your listing.

How does Pay Per Click work?'s Pay Per Click service requires a $20 deposit when you register.  This deposit becomes your account balance.  After you register, you can begin creating placements on various pages immediately.  After you create a placement, your listing appears on the requested page on the website as a hyperlink that takes the visitor to your web site.  You may create as many listings as you want. When a visitor clicks on your listing, the bid amount for that listing is deducted from your account balance.  In order to have your listings displayed, your account balance must be at least $1.  Register now.

What are the benefits of's Pay Per Click service?'s Pay Per Click service has several advantages over traditional directory fees.  Pay Per Click ensures that you pay only when the ad works – that is, when it brings you a visitor.  Additionally, our links are set up so that they can help increase your site's ranking in search engines.  Through Pay Per Click, you're able to bid on placement locations – pay more and your listing goes higher in the list.  You have the ability to pause listings whenever you like as well as view detailed reports about the number of clicks on your listings.

What is the cost of joining's Pay Per Click service?
To get started, you pay an initial non-refundable deposit of $20.  Your Pay Per Click fees are deducted from that amount according to your bid amounts and the number of clicks.  At any time after registration, you may deposit additional funds into your account.  Deposits are non-refundable, and listings start at 10 cents per click.

Is there any rules or regulations concerning my description?
Yes, we have several rules:

1)You must have a web site to participate in the program.
2)No listings are allowed in all capital letters.
3)No phone numbers are allowed in a description.
4)The maximum amount of characters for a listing is 250.

But some of your listings have phone numbers in their description. Why can't I include my phone number in my description?
We do indeed have some listings that include phone numbers. These advertisers are not members of the Pay Per Click system. Instead, they pay an annual fee of $100 to have their phone number included. We will gladly add a phone number listing for you. All you need to do is fill out an advertising request.

How do I get started with Pay Per Click?

Register now.