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Donnelly Corporation is a technology driven, customer focused, international automotive supplier dedicated to serving customers around the globe with industry-leading components and systems in automotive mirrors, windows and door handles. Through its various product lines, Donnelly is a supplier to every major automotive manufacturer in the world. The company has been based in Holland, Michigan, since 1905, and today has approximately 6,100 employees and operates in 12 countries worldwide. In addition, Donnelly is nationally recognized as a leader in the application of participative management principles and systems.

Mito Corporation
Signal Mirrors use high-intensity LED lamps to turn ordinary exterior rearview mirrors into safety features that command attention. When a turn signal is activated, a flashing chevron /*-appears in the corresponding side mirror to alert drivers in the "blind spot" of your intentions. When emergency hazard flashers are used, both mirrors flash warning signals. The mirrors function as conventional rearview mirrors when the signals or hazards are not activated.

Retrac Mirrors Division of Luverne Truck Equipment

VisionView Mirror Products

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