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Melton Truck Line's Profile

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Melton Truck Line's Company's Profile

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Address:   808 N. 161st E. Ave.    Tulsa, Ok 74116         

Phone:   800-635-8669                         

Fax:  918-439-2958    

Web Site:     


Active Area or States:  Southeast and Central  

Type of Carrier: OTR Flatbed 

Commodities Transported: general 



Driver Applicant Qualifications

Minimum Age

21 years.

Qualification Experience

·          Recent 6 months (TX, or 2 states or more, keeping logs); 6-8 months experience must have verifiable school

·          Must have been driving for longer time period than they have been off the road– (Generally, considered regular D or ST, unless driver has not driven in last 3 years); or

·          1 full year of OTR experience in the last 3 years

·          Recent 6 months of Team Driving


Hazmat (have 90 days to get it)

Moving Violation Restrictions

·          No more than 3 moving violations last 3 yrs

·          No more than (1) - 15 over or Careless and No more than 3 – 15-over tickets in 5 years

·          License suspensions in 3 yrs. due to moving violation are evaluated.

·          No more than 4 Log Violations in 3 years or 2 in the last 12 months (DOT citations).

·          No more than 7 moving violations in 6 years.

Preventable Accident Restrictions

·          2 P in last 3 yrs, 1 P DOT Reportable

·          No more than 2 P DOT collisions in 4 years

·          No more than 1 P in 3 yrs for 6-month drivers.

·          Rollovers must have 1 yr safe driving after the collision meaning no addt’l tickets or accidents

·          Hwy Rearends, Hwy Lane Changes, Jacknifes need at least 6 months of safe driving

·          Fatalities must be approved with Accident report by Safety Manager

·          More than 3 NP in 3 yrs need Recruiting Supervisor approval

·          Max accidents and/or max tickets results in Safety Probation

Job History

·          9 max in 3 years, must average at least 3 months or have one recent OTR job longevity of 6 months; (unless they have been rehired by same company)

Integrity Interview Standards



Case by case

Drug Use


·          Any use within 2 years, automatic disqualification.



Recent Theft, Possession of Company Equipment

Physical Altercations

Drug Use



DWI/DUI Restriction

5 years or older.

Felony Restrictions; Misdemeanors

·          Felonies - 5 years old  - excluding bounced checks.

·          Misdemeanor will be considered on a case by case (depending on offense)

·          Drug convictions within 5 yrs. are disqualified.



Benefits and Pay

Starting Pay


1 Year Exp.


2 Years Exp


3 Years Exp


4 Years Exp


5 Years Exp


10 Years Exp



General Information

Type Of Runs

48 + Canada

Time Away From Home

18 - 21days

Lease Purchase Available


Paid Orientation


Rider Programs - Spouse


Rider Programs - Child

10 or older





Cost to Driver Benefits

56 per month

Cost Family Benefits

242 per month





Retirement Program


Profit Sharing


Stock Purchase Avail.



Bonuses, etc...



Layover Pay


Breakdown Pay




Tarp Pay


Extra Pickups / Drops/NYC PAY


Speed Restrictions



Owner Operators

Payscale:  .83 cpm plus $40 tarp pay,Unlimited Fuel Adjustment: Avg. 11 cpm,$40 Stop Pay,Paid Tolls/Scale Tickets,Paid Fuel Tax Processing Fee,Paid Liability Insurance,Free Base Plate and Permits,Quarterly Safety Bonus

+ Detention Pay = up to $225 per day
+ Minimum Load Pay = $150.00
+ NYC Borough Pay = $105.00
+ Free Trailer Usage

Settlements:  bi-weekly     

Benefits: several plans to refer to     

Policies:  Exp:  At least 6 months OTR solo experience.

Tickets:  No more than 4 moving violations in the past 3 years.

Acc:  No more than 2 preventable acc. in the past 3 years.

Dui/Dwi:  Must be at least 5 years old.

Misd: At least 3 years old.

Fel:  At least 5 years old.

Tractor requirements:  Conventional, 10 yrs old or newer.

Wheel base:  Max: 265 Inches.

Fifth Wheel Height: Max:  50 inches.

Stack Height:  Max: 13' 4" 

Must have headache rack and qualcomm bracket.