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Questions and Answers About’s Premium Load Board


Why become a member in's premium load board?

Our simple “point and click” format makes finding the loads you need quick and easy. Membership costs only 50 cents a day. If you find just one load a month, our service has more than paid for itself. With today’s fuel prices, our subscription equals the cost of deadheading just 25 miles.


Aren't all load boards the same? What makes's load board different?

All load boards are NOT the same. has several exclusive shippers that post loads only on our site because here they have access to free tools that let them operate more efficiently. In addition, all new loads and equipment posted on our load boards show up within 5 minutes. That means the loads you see are the most current available.

In fact, over 1,000 customers use's load boards daily to increase their revenue opportunities.


It looks like there are duplicate loads on the board. Why do you have duplicates?

Our load board does not have duplicate loads. Sometimes a company has several loads that are the same. They post all the loads instead of posting just one load. Also, sometimes several companies post the same loads. We allow this because members may prefer to deal with one company over another.


Do you offer any discounts on membership subscriptions?

Yes! Annual subscribers receive a 25% discount, for a savings of $59.88 per year. Members choosing annual or quarterly subscription options can be billed or utilize a credit card for payment.


How do I register?

Registering for our load boards is an easy process that takes approximately five minutes. Simply go to You will immediately have free full membership benefits for a 30 day trial period – not the reduced version of membership offered by some competitors during their trial periods.


Is registering safe? utilizes a 128 bit encrypted SSL format for its registration process, the same level of security that is utilized by most banks and financial institutions.


Why do you require a credit card for a free trial membership?

Your credit card validates the authenticity of the information you have submitted. It also reduces the incidence of duplicate accounts.


Will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will not be charged during the 30 day free trial period. If you do not cancel on or before your 30 day free membership has expired, will charge your credit card the monthly membership fee of $19.99. After your initial charge for membership, will charge your credit card monthly on either the 1st or 15th of the month depending on your date of registration, unless a yearly membership is active or until we receive a written cancellation notice from you by mail or email.


Is a credit card the only accepted method of payment?

We also accept cash and checks. To pay by cash or check, simply complete and print our registration page at mail the form along with one month payment plus one month in advance (total of $39.90) to:, 2950 Warren Road, Indiana, PA 15701. We will then invoice you monthly unless you request in writing to be invoiced on a quarterly or yearly basis.


How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by making this request via email or mail. Please do not call our office as we cannot cancel memberships over the telephone. When we receive a written cancellation notice by mail or email, your membership will be cancelled immediately. We require a written notice via email or mail so that we can send a confirmation that your account has been cancelled. Please utilize this Contact Us to insure we receive your cancellation. Please include company name, name of the person that created the account and state you want to cancel your membership. If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours. We did not receive your cancellation.


Is there a cancellation grace period?

When your initial account becomes active, you will receive an email notifying you that charges have been made on your credit card. If you notify within 72 hours in writing via email, this charge will be refunded in full. After 72 hours, it will not be refunded. Once you are a member you must cancel 24 hours prior to your automated charge date for the charges to be refunded.


If my free membership expired or I decided I did not want to be a member, then changed my mind, can I re-register?

Yes, you can re-register. You simply need to complete the registration form again. The only difference is that you will be billed or your credit card will be charged instantly.


Why is there are charges on my credit card from's load board?

Our billing system is totally automated. At some point you subscribed for membership to our load boards and did not cancel in writing before the 30 day free trial period ended


How do I search so as to find the loads I need?

Just click on any search. With's unique searches, you do not need to complete all the information requested. They will find loads matching the information you enter. Enter as much or as little information as you want and click “find loads.”


I get so many results! How do I refine the results to make finding loads easier?

With’s Load Board, there are many ways to refine your results. One is to utilize "My Searches." You can specify as much or little information to refine your results. Another refinement is to view loads by clicking on “Narrow Results by Equipment Codes.” You will then be shown only loads or equipment with that equipment code.


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