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Questions and Answers About’s Hot Shot Freight/Ship Yourself Bidding System


How does’s “Ship Yourself” section work?

A person or company posts a shipment that transporters can bid on. The shipper reviews all the bids posted for that shipment. They can then accept or reject those bids from transporters. Once a bid is accepted or rejected, the transporter receives an email notification that his bid has been accepted or rejected. When a bid has been accepted, both parties receive each other’s contact information and deal directly with each other to complete the business at hand. When both parties agree to go ahead, then and only then will charge a minimal fee to the transporter’s credit card, based on the amount of the accepted bid price:


Fee Charged to Transporter After
Both Parties Agree to Proceed

Accepted Bid


Minimum Charge

$.01 - $400



$401 - $800



$801 - $2000








Shipper Questions


What is the cost of being a shipper?

There is no cost whatsoever to post shipments for bids in our “Ship Yourself” section. A shipper never pays us anything, only pays the transporter who provides the service for the mutually agreed upon bid.


As a shipper, what are my responsibilities?

You agree to post only shipments that are valid, to accept or reject bids in a timely fashion and to pay the transporter for services rendered.


As a shipper, do I have to accept a bid?

You do not have to accept any bid if you are not satisfied. You can reject any and all bids that are unacceptable.


How will I receive the transporter’s information once I accept a bid? will email you the transporter’s information. will email you a confirmation of any bids you accept or reject.


Transporter Questions


What is the cost of being a transporter?

Transporters become members and place bids on shipments in our “Ship Yourself” section for free. The only charges a transporter incurs after that is our fee when you and a shipper agree on a bid for a particular shipment. There are no monthly fees to register as a member in our “Ship Yourself” section.


As a transporter, what are my responsibilities?

You agree to bid only on shipments you can provide service for, and to transport a shipper’s commodity in a timely, professional manner for the agreed upon shipment price with no damage to the product being shipped.


Can I rebid if my bid is rejected?

You can rebid as many times as you want if your previous bid was rejected.


How will I receive the shipper’s information once a bid is accepted? will email you the shipper’s information. will email you a confirmation of any bids that have been accepted or rejected.


Additional Questions


What if there is a dispute between a shipper and a transporter?

We want to know of any problems that arise from our “Ship Yourself” section, so that we can ban any unreliable or abusive companies or individuals from the site. Do not hesitate to inform us via email concerning any problems that arise. We will consider only complaints we receive via email. However, will not act as a mediator of any kind. The dispute must be settled by the parties involved.


Is the information I provide on this site private and confidential? has a strict privacy policy. We do not share any information about our customers with any third parties.


Is the information I provide to you secure?

Yes, your information is secure. Our site utilizes a 128 bit encrypted SSL format for all the personal information you enter, which is the same level of security utilized by most banks and financial institutions.


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