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Welcome to Cost Per Miles FAQ'S and most frequently asked question page

(1) Why purchase Cost Per Mile... ?
(2) Ever Wonder how those guys can haul it for that and not go broke ... ?
(3) Two different kinds of truckers ... ?
(4) Is Trucking any different than any other business... ?
(5) Is figuring your cost per mile difficult... ?
(6) Why not buy software that will do this calculation for me instead of a book ... ?
(7) My accountant tells me my cost per mile. What's wrong with that...?
(8) Still not sure about purchasing Cost Per Mile...?


Why purchase Cost Per Mile ... ?
Cost Per Mile is the most comprehensive book on today's market concerning this issue. From the first time you open this book you will be on your way to becoming more profitable and understanding your  finances like never before. If you can't answer this question quickly " What are the three biggest expenses in trucking" you need cost per mile. Here is the correct answers fuel, drivers wages and depreciation, in that order, usually, but not always. Let me give you an example of  one of these issues that always amazes me. Depreciation, is the loss of value of an object resulting from usage or over time. It seems like everyone concerns themselves with the purchase price of the truck they are going to buy giving little concern to the resale value of the unit when it is time for replacement or updating. Its one of the biggest costs. How can you not be concerned! This factor alone can be a matter of a profit or loss for the business. In our book we will help you learn what your depreciation costs will be and much more.


Ever wonder how those guys can haul it for that and not go broke... ?
Truth be told... there are two types of truckers. Those that know their costs and profit margin and will profit in this business, and then those who have (no) clue and are a sinking ship.


Two different types of truckers... ?
(Type A)  will make a profit because they have researched, studied and critiqued their costs making them as efficient as possible. (Type B) is just guessing or think that they are already running as efficient as possible while  in all reality they might even be losing money. Why pay to work? Doesn't make sense to me. When you complete our book you will know your cost per mile in detail.


Is trucking any different than any other business ... ?
It can't be, plain and simple. It is totally impossible in today's world not to run as efficient as possible. The competition is just too fierce. Wasted profits can lead to disastrous effects (bankruptcy, foreclosure etc..) and also mean less money in your pocket or your family's.


Is figuring your cost per mile difficult ... ?
It can be. Our book is written in terms and language anyone can understand. With our explanations, formulas and worksheets contained within the book calculating your cost per mile becomes a simple procedure. To complete the whole book will probably take an evening.


Why not buy software that will do this calculation for me instead of a book ... ?
 You can buy software from a variety of sources to calculate your cost per mile but that is just what it does, calculate! Sure... it is easier and takes less time. You have heard the saying "you get what you put into it" this is true. Most software is a generic formula for all types of trucking operations. Let me clarify this a statement. Every unit operating is a different vehicle under different working conditions. Your costs of operating are different than any one else's. How can a generic, lump all in one package cover every operation utilized in the trucking industry especially yours. Which brings me to another subject. I have found that most software cannot be personalized to your specific operation. Our book can and will be tailored made to fit your operation specifically.


My accountant tells me my cost per mile. What's wrong with that...?
 Do not get me wrong! I believe in accountants and they are great. My issue is they are accountants, not owner operators of fleet owners. You are the expert on how to run and operate your business. No one can do it better or understand it better than you. The key here is you need to critique every operation of your business to make your profit per mile as great as you can and only you can do that. In our book you will look at every aspect of trucking costs, bar none.


Still not sure about purchasing Cost Per Mile...?
Cost per mile is an inexpensive tool that will pay for itself many times over. If you learn one thing from this book, that will increase your profits. Lets say a penny per mile and you cover 70,000 miles a year. You would increase your profit for a year by $ 700.00 dollars. We literally receive letters every week thanking us for the book. Quite a few  request to be put on a standing order list for any other products we sell. Some have even redone how they do their accounting from just reading our book. We are talking about owner operator to fortune 500 companies. It is that detailed and informative.

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