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Here is a brief history of the book we call Cost Per Mile and how the book came to be. Scott Elgin, the author, operated a medium sized trucking company of company equipment with drivers and owner operators. He was looking for good material to help his owner operators working from his terminal operate more efficiently and more profitable than they were presently operating. After a lot of searching he didn't find anything that he felt was adequate to provide to his owner operators. So he created a book  for his owner operators to utilize as a tool to help them understand and know their cost per mile or operating ratio. Scott figured that he would give the book to them, it was their choice whether they utilized the book or not. He figured a few would read the book and actually figure out their cost per mile, some would say thanks and never read it. Boy was he was wrong! The response was so overwhelming he decided to put the book into print and on today's market. That is how the book we have come to know as Cost Per Mile was created. The book is the most comprehensive book in today's market concerning trucking costs and accounting. The book has been featured in Overdrive, Movin Out, Road Star and Fleet Management. In a recent survey of over 1000 customers, the book didn't receive one dissatisfied customer response and some ask to be put on a standing order list for any product produced by the author. He has just released a new book called Profit Per Mile which covers many proven, basic  concepts and ideas on how to improve your profit margin or put more money in your pocket.

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