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Pay Per Click Advertising to Truckers and the Trucking Industry:
Pay Only When Visitors Click on Your Listing – and Only as Much as You Want!

Adding your listing to our popular trucking industry directories is easy and quick. Instead of paying a set cost regardless of how many visitors click to your site, with our Pay Per Click listings, you pay only when someone clicks from your listing on our site to your site. Prices start at just 5 cents per click - a bargain by anyone’s standards!

How Our Pay Per Click Advertising System Works and Why It’s Better

1.You control the position of your listing, instead of simply being listed alphabetically from A to Z. Listings in in our directory are arranged with the highest-priced Pay Per Click (PPC) entries on top and the lowest-priced PPC on the bottom. You can move your listing higher in the directory to gain more exposure or lower to spend less according to how much you set for your PPC amount, starting at only 10 cents per click.


2.You set the amount you are going to spend. You can advertise on for as little as $20. You have complete control!Once your budget has been reached, you can simply pause or make your listing inactive. If you wish to continue your campaign, just add more revenue to your campaign. You also have the option to add your listing to additional pages. How much you pay for advertising here is completely up to you.


3.Compete with the big guys! With our “Add my listing” system, has made it possible for the “mom and pop shops” that are the heartbeat of our industry to compete side by side with bigger companies.

4.Pay for performance instead of hoping for results.With traditional advertising, you pay regardless of whether or not anyone notices your ad.In our system, if no one clicks on your listing, you owe nothing.If lots of people click on your listing, the ad is working, and you pay for those clicks.The exposure you get from just being in the directories costs nothing.

In short, we charge you for being in our directories only when you get action – guaranteed!


How to Get Started


All you have to do is register and then follow the directions on the next page. The process is very simple and easy to understand. Your listing will be added to our directories immediately. You must have a web site to be able to participate in this program.To get started, click the “Register” button above in the top right corner of this page.If you are already registered, click the “Login” button next to that to login.


Do you prefer traditional advertising methods (such as having a bold listing, running a banner campaign or other advertising packages) and want to receive our emedia pack with advertising options and advertising packages along with pricing?Learn more about traditional advertising.


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