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Joined: 2/4/2007
Location: houston, TX
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Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:02:55 AM

Warning to all drivers stay away from peanut express. Terry deaton is a con-man he will lie to you and will not pay. Ask around from people on this site and other sites and you will get the same response; this man is a swindler! If you are wanting to become a hotshot driver look into your local companys, be verry  carefull ask  around do research. There are some on these web sites that are honest then there are those like terry deaton who are crooks. Please be carefull not only is your money involved so is your family.

Joined: 11/14/2008
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Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 3:27:23 PM


Hello my friend .  How well we know what you mean about terry deaton. My husband and I almost lost everything because of his swindling crooked ways.  I wish there was some way to get back what we lost because of him and his crooked wife. They were in texas and Lord knows where they are now. Unfortunatley I dont believe ther is much we can do, except be thankful my husband got out before it was entirely too late.  Good luck to you and keep spreading the word about that SOB.He threatened me with a slander chare for my post awhile back, I politely responded it is not slander if you are telling the truth.   Lisa Trobough and Terry Fulmer
Joined: 11/22/2006
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Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 8:05:32 AM


AAAAAAh! Terry Fulmer.

Terry Fulmer's wife has written this statement because she wants me to bring Terry Fulmer's personal affairs to the public. So here it is!!!!!

Terry Fulmer. Called me, never drove truck before, his father helped him buy a truck and 40 ft. gooseneck.  Terry Had no money, I spent over 3000.00 leasing him on. Then he drawed 400.00 per day for fuel. Then his truck broke down, brake problems. I comchecked 800.00 to the garage. He had a fellow teaming with him, that was awesome. However, he had a sick wife and wasn't able to stay out long. The second load Terry pulled, had to be transferred onto another trailer, because Terry couldn't go to California and needed to get back to North Augusta. He was instructed on hire, that you will go to California if you work for Peanut Express.

Wait!!!!  It gets Better!!!!

He's reloaded and on the way to Houston, calls me and says this tractor is to heavy for my truck! Tractor weight 5000lbs. Then, He prefers that I don't load him so heavy the next time. I explain that too make money he has to carry at maximum 15000 lbs. on his trailer.

He reloads and goes home. 2skids weighing 1500lbs. steadily drawing 400.00 per day for fuel.

He tells me has a house payment to make. I tell him I agreed to keep his truck going in advance not his home. He should be saving money for his bills and not advancing it all. Knowing fully well he was not spending 400.00 per day to eat and fuel running 500 miles, when he should have been covering 800 miles per day.

The following Monday he is loaded again with a piece of equipment from home. When he gets to Louisiana, he informs me, he is pulling his friends 20 ft. trailer, his transmission wouldn't pull the 40 footer so well. I don't even hire 20 ft. trailers.

Once again I load 2 skids. 1 He drops 200 miles down the road in Louisiana and the other goes to Philadelphia. Unbeknown to me, Terry takes the load to his house, loads the 500 lb. skid in his pickup truck, and drives to Philadelphia, Then informs me that he needs a load to fit in the back of his truck. Yes, I let him sit there for four days. I was through with the disregard to noone but himself.


. He never made one insurance payment, he never repaid any of the money back that the company spent on him. Over 3000.00 to lease on, drew every penny he was ever owed and a ton more.

For his wife as I told you in the past. If Terry wants you to have a copy of all the settlements that were sent him by comcheck, you need a signed request by him and send it to me. He ask me not to send his settlement paperwork home, and told me that he would pick it up, as he came to Houston. If he's changed his mind I'll send it to his house.

You and Terry need to put up or shutup! You can email me from this site and if you want to take me to court, I'll be more than glad to countersue, for slander, deprimation of character, and theft. The logs,  trips, nor fuel reciepts, are even  remotely close to matching the overcompensation that Terry was paid. Terry Fulmer cost this company $9,472.28 out of pocket money that he had no right to, lying to say he was always farther down the road than he was, just to get more money.And that my dear is called theft by deception. Apparently he not only stole from us, he stole from his wife, father, and hungry children too!

Maybe you should try countersueing as well!
Joined: 11/22/2006
Location: willisburg, KY
Posts: 52


Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:28:01 AM


It's ok to tell the truth about people, it's not ok, to lie on them. You were payed 3700.00 to go from Houston to California, immediately after you delivered a military load. Then you were sent to reload, less than 50 miles away. After reloading you called and could not get an answer from your dispatcher, because he was taken by ambulance to the hospital having a nearly fatal heart attack. Instead of waiting a couple of hours you decided to call me, and I was at the texas motor division buying your TAG with my own money I might add, which I also used to pay your Insurance down payment of $2000,00 and $300 to enroll you in a drug program and $900.00 for your tag. When I made it back to the office, you left me the message that you were hijacking the load, because you couldn't get anyone on the phone. I called and tried to talk to you and you demanded 3000.00 up front . Then you would return the load. I then called comcheck and cancelled the 3700.00 you were paid because, you had not yet cashed the check. Your dumb mistake. Call me a crook if you'd like but, I would do that to any driver who hijacks a load. You put everyone's life and families live's on the line because of your inexperienced immature actions. You were destroying thier job and families as well.

Hijacking a load, when I didn't owe you one red cent, Who's really the crook here!

Joined: 1/16/2010
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Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:39:37 PM


You hauled a load of military equipment from illinoise to california 2500 lbs. within 24 hours, I cut you a t-check for 3700.00. You reloaded, I reloaded you paying .80 cents a mile for 200 empty miles and 1.20 per loaded mile back to houston. I was loading a truck and because I didn't answer the phone, you leave a messge claiming you are holding the load hostage until I pay you in advance. your fault. you didn't cash the 3700.00 t-check so I cancelled. Then the police escorted you and your happy wife to jail for hijacking my load. Now, you're mad, and you should be, at yourself, for being so ignorant, to abuse someone, who paid for your insurance downpayment, your tag, and advanced your fuel. the only thing you invested was your equipment. learn what trucking is about. you get paid after the work is done. I paid you after the first job. Be glad the police got to you before I did!  I am an honest fair company, paying more than any hotshot company you will find. You made your mistake threatening to hold a load for money. My friend that falls under the department of defense and home land security will surely get involved. I'd say good luck to you and yours, but after a stupid stunt like that, you don't desrve good luck!

Thanks, for nothing

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