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 UPS reinstates driver after wrongful termination, driver awarded $247K

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UPS reinstates driver after wrongful termination, driver awarded $247K
Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:17:11 PM

In a decision issued on Friday, November 15, 2013, U. S. Department of Labor Judge Daniel Solomon ordered UPS to reinstate and pay in excess of $247,000 in damages to truck driver Tim Bishop.  Judge Solomon found that UPS fired Mr. Bishop because he accurately recorded waiting time as "on duty" time on his electronic DOT log.  UPS claimed that this time should have been recorded as "meal" on Bishop's electronic log.

Judge Solomon found that UPS fired Bishop in violation of the Surface Transportation Assistance Act which protects drivers from retaliation for accurately recording on duty time as well as protecting them from retaliation for filing complaints alleging violations of DOT safety regulations, or for refusing to drive in violation of a DOT safety regulation.

Mr. Bishop  was represented by Paul Taylor of the Truckers Justice Center. Mr. Taylor can be reached at 651-454-5800.
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