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Posted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 3:50:00 PM

TRhe TWIC REAL ID for truckers and port workers is a SCAM. Anyone who has actually READ any of TSA's TWIC literature can see this. The TSA states that TWIC IS RQUIRED AND MANDATORY, while at the SAME TIME CLEALRY STATES" Possessing the TWIC is no guarantee that it will be accepted, because the owner of the facility can refuse it"... OK! TSA and all port transportation com[panies say the you MUST have the TWIC because it is Mandatory. 1.) It IS a compelled application 2.) It IS a forced 'contract 3.) It IS a Franchise credential 4.) You are must 'purchase' a government REAL ID from the TSA's military contractor Lockheed Martin 5.) You MUST sign it or they will not process it 6.) You WAIVE ALL RIGHTS by signing it 7.) You MUST give a SSN even though there is NO LAW that requires ANYONE in the USA to even *APPLY* for a SSN 8.) The TSA will NOT and absolutely REFUSES to DEFINE ANY of the numerous words, term, and phrases it uses in it's literature 9.) The TSA TWIC states that you MUST BE a U.S. citizen, yet REFUSES TO DEFINE the term United States 10.) The compelled Socialist TWIC IS a "Backdoor, Federal, Permission to Work Real ID Franchise". Basically, you are forced to purchase (just like healthcare) a government product in order to now work in the field you have worked in for years. You have to prove to the government you are not a terrorist, mental case, or RICO act felon. If ANYBODY who has applied to it because they where told they had to get it ever even actually READ IT?????? They would see this. TWIC IS A FEDERAL SCAM that kidnaps Americans in the private sector into federal jurisdiction if you actually buy one, yet they clearly tell you it's not needed because the owner of the facility can refuse you enterance JUST LIKE BEFORE TWIC. Foreign sailors on foreign flagged ships do not need TWIC, nor do emergency personnel (nice way to tell terrorist to play like emergency crews to get near a ship and BOOM huh) ONLY AMERICANS. The TWIC does NOTHING but make the military contractor Lockheed Martin money because they make the cards AND readers. As well it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL because the MILITARY USSC is quartered upon private proerty checking your papers. So how can the OWNER of the facility refuse enterance if the military is in charge??? The TWIC IS A SCAM! Home | Message Boards | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer