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 Procuring "good" freight as opposed to...

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Procuring "good" freight as opposed to...
Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:05:17 AM

I have had several people ask me,"Whats your secret" to finding all the great freight that I do get! Well, its about research, follow-up and going where NO salesman has ever been.

Most companies have a "monkey-see-monkey-do" mentality.In other words, if it works for ABC Trucking, it will work for them. NOT! The usual deal now is to give a "salesman a cell-phone, a few business cards, maybe a company car and off he goes. No telling what kind of freight he'll get you.

Or, all the freight salesman in town meet at the local breakfast hang-out, compare notes,lies and then spend the rest of the day following each other.

Don't get me wrong,there are some who care and really work hard at it....even if they are still "barking up the wrong trees!

When, I was the head of freight sales/operations at WEYERHAUSER'S Green Arrow Motor Express I set up a brokerage to handle what my 150 truck fleet couldn't or wouldn't want. It started out as a way to reduce the "MT" miles for the fleet.....and...quickly move into a million dollar a day freight sales/brokerage operation;.

Heres the secret; First IDENITFY where you want to be ALL the time! Look at your own backyard for leads. For instance, I once needed freight coming out of two locations at the same time: Phoenix AND S. Jersey. Did some research and came up with a company that had manufacturing BOTH places! It cost me two dropped trailers but, it save me 2500 a month and opened the door for yet another freight sales opportunity!! One that I still have a lock on.

TWO: DON'T BE SCARED! Of rejection the first time at bat. One account I have in MN. I sent 8 letters, and made 25 phone calls before getting my foot in the door. That company ships 3000 loads per day...yes it was worth it!.

THREE: If, you are just going to cut rate to get in the door then you don't need this one: Go there, and find out what THEY want. It is not about lowest rate anymore. People with three or four trucks now are self-proclaimed "Logistic's Companies......most can't even tell you the defination of the word "Logistic's". So get real...keep it that way.

Most of the people coming out of the schools now with degree's in logistics are bean counters only...never a professional trucker. I had a professor who had planned the invasion of Normandy and a grandfather and father who drove trucks*started their own companies) I have a CDL and over a million and a half safe, damage free miles  and I still learn something new every day!! I can count beans with the best of them.

I never had a dispatcher who had not driven a truck OTR. I Never had a driver/dispatcher problem!

Bottem line: You want some freight that you want....???? Drop me a line and tell me where you're are....and tell me where you wanna go!! Home | Message Boards | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer