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 Oil field truck driving jobs

Joined: 9/15/2013
Location: Watford City, ND
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Oil field truck driving jobs
Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:00:55 PM

First off, let me make it clear that I AM NOT a recruiter. I am a driver just like many of you, with over 30 years and 3.5 million miles behind me. 
A little over 2 years ago I decided to give up driving over the road and came up to North Dakota to work in the oil field.
I've never been happier. I sleep in a regular bed every night instead of in the sleeper of a truck in a truck stop or rest area. No more truck stop food, no weigh stations, inspections or, best of all, no grocery warehouses. 
I make good money and work for a well established company with good equipment. 
This job isn't for everybody though. We drive on a lot of gravel roads and there are no truck stops to pull into and sit around complaining about everything and swapping lies. It's easy work that just about anybody can do, but you have to have a couple years experience and doubles/triples endorsements and be able to pass a drug screen and criminal backround check. Hazmat isn't necessary, but it is a plus.

There are people up here from all over the country. Men and women both. My company has a few women drivers who do just fine and fit in and are accepted by all the guys. Winter is coming but we have lots of work lined up and need more drivers. The company will pay you $500.00 at the completion of your 5 day orientation, and another $1000.00 at the end of 90 days. They are serious about attracting good people. 

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