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 Norther California trucking schools
Joined: 2/3/2007
Location: Fairfield, CA
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Norther California trucking schools
Posted: Sat Feb 3, 2007 10:59:11 AM

I was wondering, im going to be 16 in 17 days and trucking happens to run in my family, I had also wanted to be a trucker since i was a little kid.  I was wondering at what age do most trucking schools accept students?
Joined: 3/2/2007
Location: willits, CA
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RE:Norther California trucking schools
Posted: Fri Mar 2, 2007 1:49:45 PM


Hey Eric, most schools at our area is 21 years old, alot of companys for over the road want 23 years. I have reasearched the major schools in Sac. and will be searching out a few more.Drop a line if you'd like.

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