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 Millis school

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Joined: 2/1/2007
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Millis school
Posted: Thu Feb 1, 2007 10:51:03 AM

 Hi just wanted to say i went to the millis school in ohio. i found the instructors to be very helpful in teaching you what you need to know to drive safe, and run with in the law, and  still make a dam good living . i had to drop out when i found a old knee problum would not let me clutch in the proper manner, so guys and gals, make sure your up to the physical demands of driving as well as mental. all in all everyone at millis were very nice and they had great tractors, they realy take good care of there drivers. so i would recomend millis to any new driver, personaly i think if you started driving with them you would stay with them ,not just get your year in and jump, if they are not the best out there they are one of the best.

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RE:Millis school
Posted: Sun Feb 4, 2007 10:25:38 PM


funny how things work out i'm in the process of researching trucking schools in GA (or SE area).  I was just going to post a question trying to find out info on Millis Trucking & came across your post thanks for the info on them (sorry it didn't work out for you) I will look into them further they have a school in Cartersville, GA (just north of atlanta) which is not to far from where we live now.

My husband is wanting to get into the business, we can't do husband/wife team I am unable to work due to a car accident (i'm trying to get social security disability & my husband needs a better paying job to support us).  We are married and do not have (and won't) have any children.  

He has a perfectly clean  7yr MVR & background check, he likes to drive we have traveled around the US as a motorsports racing photographer for about 12-13yrs.  He has the ability to read maps & map out driving routes &  he has over 12 yrs driving for Dominos Pizza (until just before christmas he quit Dominos & now works for Papa John's).   Looking for a GOOD SCHOOL!!  (that will give you proper CDL Training & real behind the wheel driving hours while training not just watching someone else drive).     We need financial assistance paying for school (tuition reimbursment?) anyone with suggestions or offers for training please post info I will be checking back for replies thanks in advance for any information we can get.

Evelyn C. (Lawrenceville,GA)


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RE:Millis school
Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2007 8:01:16 PM


Before you attend any school, if you want to know of the absolute best, check out  Sage is the 1st on the list of the top 10 truck driving schools.  They have locations across the states.  Great deal, each location varies in price. Home | Message Boards | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer