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 Looking for a good job
Joined: 6/18/2006
Location: Salem, OH
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Looking for a good job
Posted: Fri Feb 2, 2007 12:02:23 PM

Youngstown,Oh area based driver looking for a good driving job.   38 years old , 8 years in US Army,  CDL-A w/Hazmat, clear recent physical,   9 yrs OTR mostly in vans but I will try reefer,  1 speed ticket in my car  Feb. 06  67 in 55,  no accidents, have driven everywhere.   I'm looking for in a job:     A decent, well maintained, relatively new conventional with a good size sleeper, capable of the speed limit wherever it goes.  Pay in the upper 30's minimum with some benefits although I can forgo benefits for very good pay,  reasonable for the experience I bring to the table.  I am not afraid of unloading if the pay is reasonable.  Dont like NYC but I will go there. Dont go to Canada anymore by choice.   Will stay out a while for a good job.       I'm also looking for a reasonable realistic boss who treats drivers like humans rather than a machine.    I just want to be told the truth.

 I'm beginning to believe that it getting to the time where I need to go back to running my own business away  from trucking.  Its seems to be getting far tougher to find a company that will tell you like it is.   Integrity seems to have gone out the window.  I hope there is someone out there not afraid to tell it like it is, pay a decent wage, and give a driver a decent piece of equipment.  For that kind of boss I would work hard and run hard.

If you can help me call 330-743-0169 or email      Thanks


                                                                                                                                Brian T. Miller
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