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 Interested in Getting into the Trucking Industry

Joined: 11/28/2007
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Interested in Getting into the Trucking Industry
Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 6:25:19 AM

I'm interested in getting into the trucking industry.  I have worked in an office for most of my life and just want a change.  I understand there are CDL schools out there that are just Scams.  Is there a reputable school in central Tennessee?  I'm not looking for a free school, or one that makes promises of jobs.  I don't mind paying for training.

Also, I have one DUI conviction on my license that was 10 y ears ago.  Is that a deal breaker for a trucking job?  I don't have any accidents and no other violations on my license.

Thanks for any insight.

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RE:Interested in Getting into the Trucking Industry
Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 2:17:07 PM


Hi Tammy here, I am looking to find out if you can Drive a truck with out CDL's . I to have heard of school for it ..I on the other hand do not have the money to pay. We are a family of 5 with just 1 income. I need to get a job & I can drive. I have nothing on my Driving record. I have not had a ticket or nothing... I thank God for that as well... It is not easy this day and time to live off just 1 income...

Thank you & God Bless..

Sincerely, Mrs. Manning

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RE:Interested in Getting into the Trucking Industry
Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2007 10:52:59 AM


Most Trucking Companies only go back 7 years on Driving records yet some anal companies go back to when one was 18 which is highly pointless.
A DUI over 10 years old is not needed to be mentioned to any prospective employer as it ISN'T ANY OF THEIR BUSINESS.
You've PAID YOUR DUES on it so leave it in the past.
There ARE reputable Trucking schools around yet one need seek them BEFORE SIGNING ANYTHING ANYWHERE!!
Too many people believe they've found THE School only to discover quickly they've been duped.
I was duped by a school in '98 in Goodlettsville, TN.
I DID graduate despite what the school said because I did acquire a Class A, which is what I went there to get.
I completed their training yet I'm NOT a Team Driver and could not tolerate the stupidity and lack of concern my trainer displayed with his equipment.
I did however acquire Driving experience after getting home.
There ARE Companies that offer Driving positions which do not require a Class B or A. There is a CDL Class C offered here in NC which is kind of weird yet one can as well have the Haz/Mat endorsement without the requisite necessities of the B or A, like Air Brake endorsement.
Most Companies require some sort of experience regardless of whether or not they state this. Even Companies that state clearly NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED are lying.
I Hope The BEst uv WELLness 2-u-n-urs-n ALL Adventures!!

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RE:Interested in Getting into the Trucking Industry
Posted: Tue Jan 1, 2008 8:56:31 AM


Hi Try Midwest Coast Transport out of Sioux Falls, So. Dakota. They have driving schools and then put you behind the wheel of a truck. I worked for them back in the 70's and at thet time they were a fair company to work for. Didn't pay that well, but I had no experience so I figured that was worth something to me. I've been out of trucking for many years now and was thinking of getting back into it. I called them a few months back and they still do the school thing, but now they have 2 locations.  Look them up on the web.              Good Luck   Jagla Home | Message Boards | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer