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 Insurance Question

Joined: 10/2/2007
Location: Bryant, AR
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Insurance Question
Posted: Tue Oct 2, 2007 4:40:13 PM

Is there a company that will insure a newbie trucker for more that a 500 mile radius?
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RE:Insurance Question
Posted: Tue Oct 2, 2007 5:47:21 PM


Yes. You just have to keep hunting. We have new Independents coming to work with us all the time and they manage to find the right insurance companies. You just have to find the right agent. I don't know of any in AR I'd tell you.  A little tip, when you find the right agent steer clear of offshore carriers like Lyods of London. Only buy insurance from a company based in the United States. Good Luck.

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RE:Insurance Question
Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:43:51 PM


Try a local company in your area that has commercial insurance they may be able to place you.  Progressive may work.  be ready to pay $5000 or more-- Billy Home | Message Boards | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer