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 How To Get Started ???

Joined: 5/14/2007
Location: Bristol, TN
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How To Get Started ???
Posted: Mon May 14, 2007 7:54:36 PM

Hi all.

New guy here. Considering a change of scenery. I've been trucking for 13+ years. Still love the travel, just NOT from the window of a big truck.

I"ve "seen" my share of this type business, but have no idea how it operates or what's required to enter into it. I'd like to know what it takes to get into the pilot car business?

Are there requirements, ie: vehicle type/age, equipment required (provided), insurances, licenses, etc., etc., etc.? Just what do I need to know to get started? I realize that some things may be specific, and/or variable, from place to place, so I'm just asking in general terms.

I'm aware of some of the issues such as time away from home, motel (or other sleeping) accomodations, H.O.S. and daylight (restricted) driving (routing)issues (if applicable). Some things not much different from trucking in general.

Are there any websites or other resources available that I might check out? Any type of training needed or offered somewhere?

I dislike seeking the negative, but are there any pitfalls I need to be made aware of that'll affect the bottom line (read ripoff techniques)? Who should pay what? What can I expect in that department?

Is this business primarily an O/O or Private Contractor thing, or are there company types?

Any help would be appreciated. Have a nice day.

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