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 Hot Shot O/O wanted! Require Truck, Trailer
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Hot Shot O/O wanted! Require Truck, Trailer
Posted: Mon Sep 1, 2008 7:04:09 AM

We are looking for O/O. We require at least a 3/4 ton diesel truck, a 40 ft. flat trailer, and a class A CDL.

Many of you have probably heard of Peanut Express and some may even have worked with our company.  In November of last year we shut down due to serious family illness.  No we did not leave our drivers stranded at the time, we paid each of them empty miles to go home. Some from as far as California to Florida. We are an honest company and want to be treated as we treat others.

If you want a good job, lots of miles, with an honest dependable company, remember you must return the same. If you are willing to build a load, use your time wisely, make the most of your job, we are the right company for you.

We don't expect anyone to stay on the road 'round the clock. We ask for 14 days of dispatch and give 7 days off.

We are a small company with an outstanding reputation. We are not like other companies who expect you to haul .65 cents a mile freight. we pay a flat rate of 1.20 per mile loaded and .80 cents a mile on all empty miles. from first pickup point to last drop off point.

What we expect. We don't overload!  However, we expect the driver to put on several partials at once. maybe 2, maybe 5. You may feel like a delivery truck but you get plent of miles and plenty of miles = Good money.

Authority, Insurance, permits ifta.  our authority is currently being reinstated due to shutting down. Our company has never had a chargeable accident.

When you sign on you will be added to our insurance, 1000,000 liabilty, 100,000 cargo, you will be expected to make your payment monthly. It is not our responsibility to pay your insurance so you may have a job.

You are responsible for paying for permits, once a year and fuel taxes must be paid quarterly.

An O/O who takes care of his business, doesn't need advances for fuel.  I know I was an O/O for 26 years. Yes everyone has hard times and I am more than willing to help. However,  we are Peanut Express not Lending Tree......Com

If you would like more info. on Peanut Express and how to lease on call 859-366-0022 and ask for recruiting. Home | Message Boards | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer