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 Fuel- Your #1 Expense

Joined: 5/22/2013
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Fuel- Your #1 Expense
Posted: Wed May 22, 2013 9:30:14 AM

How do you handle your fuel costs?

Cash? Credit Card? Fuel Card? Comchecks? Tchecks?

With fuel being your primary expense, it is imperative that you know the in's and out's of how to purchase your fuel!

For anyone who is interested...Fleet One provides an excelent fuel card for Owner/Operators and fleets of around 3-50 trucks! We offer savings at the major truck stop chains (TA, Petros, Pilot, Flying J) as well as many of the independants, our cards are always swiped for CASH PRICE, and we have one of the highest approval rates in the industry for our credit lines!! We are able to offer you the cash you need for fuel before you finish the load!

Other perks of a Fleet One card are FREE Emergency Roadside Assistance, FREE membership into Bridgstone/Firestone's National Preferred program, as well as other complimentary offers such as GPS, Factoring, and Permits!

Fleet One can be a one stop shop for your fuel and trucking needs! Please call (615-523-6496) or Email ( me for more information!!

Katie Dean - Sr. Account Executive

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RE:Fuel- Your #1 Expense
Posted: Fri Jan 23, 2015 11:40:34 AM


I use a credit card, particularly one where I can earn points for every dollar spent.  Discover usually has different categories, Capital One is the best Ive found so far. Home | Message Boards | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer