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 Flatbed Carrier Owner Operators needed for loads!

Joined: 10/5/2017
Location: Cranberry Township, PA
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Flatbed Carrier Owner Operators needed for loads!
Posted: Thu Oct 5, 2017 10:46:31 AM

Hello everyone! I am looking for Flatbed carriers to build a good relationship and network with Flatbed carriers. I work with a few lumber companies across the country. I have loads out of Mississippi on a daily basis. I also frequently run loads out of WA, MN, MO, and TN. Let me know if you are based out of these areas, I'm sure I can keep you busy. The loads are 45-48k lbs of lumber and require 8ft tarps (the ones out of MS require 6 or 8ft tarp). I'll keep in touch with whatever I have each week, just send me a contact name, number, and email along with your MC number. I'll be more than happy to work with you. Thanks!

- Mike Vieira
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