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 CR England Truck Lease Program

Former England Lease Operator

CR England Truck Lease Program
Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 6:12:15 PM

Yeah; I was one of those shmucks that fell for all the recruiting fluff, and leased a truck from C. R. England. Man-Oh-Man did I get an education....

I gave these folks a call back in February, and they had me on a plane headed for Salt lake City in a couple of weeks.

A twenty dollar cab ride from the airport to their corporate headquarters found me starting an undertaking that will probably remain with me the rest of my life.

Upon arrival I followed a sign directing me to check in with the front desk. A young girl in her twenties greets me with one of those looks, and has me fill out some paperwork; hands me an electronic key that opens my "motel room" door; and sends me on my way.

I happily drag my bags up the stairs to my room with the eager anticipation of tossing my stuff on the bed, flicking on the television, and relaxing under a hot shower.

Instead as I open the door; I am greeted with the sight of a dormitory room; the stench of unwashed bodies, clothes strewn everywhere, and some seriously loud snoring coming from a couple of the beds. Somewhere in back of my head I remember the recruiter telling me that England will pay for my motel during orientation.

Looking around I see that there's no place that I can lock-up my bags, and the only bed available is the top bunk against the far wall. There's one small bathroom set in the corner near the door, and that has to provide for the needs of all twelve of the rooms occupants. I toss my bags onto the bed and go searching for a cup of coffee while I have a look around their facility.

The entire second floor is full of dormitory rooms, bathrooms, and some small television rooms. The place has an odor that I don't like. Smells like rotten feet, or something.

This time I take the elevator downstairs. Upon my arrival here, I spotted their company store, a cafeteria, a bank, and a larger television area. I need a cup of coffee, and after paying the same young girl that checked me in; I walk around the many hallways giving everything a look over...

There are a lot of people walking around, and I check my watch, thinking these guys must be waiting on a load or something. I would learn later that C. R. England operates a truck driving school, and there are always people coming and going all hours of the day and night.

The end of the hallway leads me outside to a smoking area. Then I remember that Utah is one of those states that don't allow smoking in public buildings or the workplace.

Once outside, as I'm lighting-up; I see an older guy that must be in his sixties, with a full white beard and mustache, sporting ragged jeans and wearing a lightweight summer jacket. He's sitting amidst a pile of boxes, bags, and assorted stuff. It appears that he just cleaned out his truck, and is waiting on a ride. It's cold outside, and we make small talk.

He doesn't say much, and I can tell that he's lost in thought, or worried about something. Been there a few times myself over the course of the years.

He bums a smoke from me, and asks where I'm from, and so forth. I ask him why he's sitting out here in the cold and dark Utah winter. He just shakes his head and tells me that I wouldn't believe it if he told me.

Whoa! What's going on here? I ask him.

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RE: CR England Truck Lease Program
Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2005 8:56:21 PM


former lease operator w/england


RE: CR England Truck Lease Program
Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2005 8:58:48 PM


former lease operator w/england contact may truck driver u had conversation with on may 14, on the I 70 east
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RE:CR England Truck Lease Program
Posted: Thu Jun 1, 2006 12:27:45 PM


cr england lease operator here, but not for long!!! the place isnt giving me any money, i can't afford to be on the road and not be able to eat even....  so ooida is having a lawsuit agaist them and i hope to be included if not i am thinking of starting my own... and make them look like crap in court if anyone in the eastern are of the north east wants to get involved with me, i believe we could start quite a ruckus...  if you want to be involved and see how we can beat them at thier own game... donna and jeff
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RE:CR England Truck Lease Program
Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 10:43:15 PM


My fiance got roped into the CR England lease program to..and boy did they take him for a ride..the had all of his money he had to get permission to access it.. his payments and insurance were over 3500 a month on top of the fuel that he was getting robbed on also...i finally talked him into leaving there back in june after his paychecks went to 7.00 a week after expenses or more often than not he would owe England his lease after paying in the ballpark of 100,000 dollars for his truck in 3 years he didn't even get to own it they take it and put it out of commision and there starts the vicious cycle of another the end when he turned his truck in they had approx.13,000 dollars of his money and he only seen maybe 1/10 of that money..we have yet to recieve any paperwork as to where all of his money went...they are crooks and seem to be proud of it...we would like to put their asses in a any info on how to go about that or you would like to get involved  in anyway we are in ohio email us at .

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RE:CR England Truck Lease Program
Posted: Sat Feb 7, 2009 12:50:22 PM


 Let me give an updated view on the lease operator program at C R England... 1st I will qualify my comments by saying: I have been driving trucks for 28 years this May. I have worked for ALOTT of companies. this is my first "lease operator" job. 

  My truck payments are $500 per week + $0.14 per mile. Just the payment! I need 2100 miles per week to break even. Add insurance at $191 per week. Fuel is capped at $1.25 per gallon provided I use their designated stops 75% of the time and I get at least 5.0 paid MPG's.

  The problem is the first three weeks I worked here they couldn't get me more than 1500 miles per week and they put me in the hole. 3 weeks later I have yet to a clear 2200/wk.

  They make everything work against the driver. "company policy" restricts new lease trucks to 62 MPH. qual comm monitors your driving to hours instead of miles. new electronic log program just introduced further limits the drivers (oops. I mean "lease operators") to the exact minutes moving the truck. A Forward Collision Monitoring device on the dash that cannot be muted screams at me in rush hour traffic or everytime I approach a toll booth. ( I would like to see them put one of those on their dang desk to see how long it lasts.)

  The trucks are "dumbed down" to the point a 5th grader could operate them safely. there is NO room for professionalism and skill. And then they launch a propaganda program saying my kind of thinking is a wanna be professional. 28 YEARS!! NO Chargeable accidents! No moving citations in over 6 years and only two in the last 10 years! (for those wondering thats over 1 million miles with only two tickets.) I don't beleive that qualifies as a wanna be anything.

  So what is the upside? It is giving me the oppertunity to rebuild my credit to the place I can buy a truck in three years. I came in with nothing down and am in a new truck.(If I owned the truck the 14 cents per mile goes away.)  Historicly It is a bad time of year for frieght and the miles may improve. When I own a truck I can lease to a less restrictive company.

  SO if you need to make money then I will say DON'T lease with these guys. $400/wk income is not where it is at. it will take up to three years to earn the 850 figure the recruiters through at you. Most "good" driver friendly companies pay their experienced drivers around 40 cents per mile now a days.

  Keep your record clean, Drive like a professional, and you'll find yourself a wanted commodity with companies willing to pay for it. C R England is NOT one of them.  Bill



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RE:CR England Truck Lease Program
Posted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:14:54 AM


WOW..Thanks for the heads up. I almost became a victim...

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RE:CR England Truck Lease Program
Posted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:19:21 PM


OK my turn to bash 14 years experience but was out of truck for 1 year so only england would touch me. i went there (mira loma,ca) spent total 10 days in class and on road with a lieing sack of crap driver....then was taken to burns harbor and told i can only lease  that since i am experienced i could not be a company 2010 cascadia full warranty all the bells and whistles....MISTAKE!!!!  england ran me hard for approximately 2 1/2 weeks then miles dropped to 1200 a week or less......qualcomm big mistake!!!!!I was working toward having a student or co driver but no one bothered to teach us old timers the inner workings of the e logg and emmidiately i was in saftey violations because i would go off duty driving personall business for a weekend off and they would dispatch me a load on a friday night but stated i didnt have to do load till the following tuesday and as soon as i started the truck(only transportation) and moved it i was in log violation and on log saftey was hig and was denied trainer status i stuck it out for 4 months and my last check was 754.00 in the i have irs after my ass cause the equiinox tax servce reported i made all this money and i never saw a check above 100.00 ever DONT LEASE WITH THEM EVER NOT WORTH IT!!!!! Home | Message Boards | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer