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 CDL-A holder seeks lease ownership

Joined: 11/20/2012
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CDL-A holder seeks lease ownership
Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:33:29 AM

i drove for swift 13 mths,but was terminated for parking a trailer in a non pre approved location-1-2008/2-2009;pam from 4/2011-11/2011,and next day started with ptl from 11/2011 til may 12th 2012,i quit ptl because they were unfairly targeting me for payroll deductions based on a wrecker bill for a stuck truck(not my fault-inferior equipment) and another 110 payment for another trucks fuel.only have one accident from 4-2012 for trailer damage (995.00) low unmarked bridge.all periods not covered i was unemployed.i would prefer to use electronic logs on any truck leased to me.thanx-Eric

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RE:CDL-A holder seeks lease ownership
Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:19:23 PM


You have 2 years 2 months O.T.R. experience, so GOOD LUCK with ANY L.T.O. plan/program.

Gotta do BETTER than with all 3 for a L.T.O. idea to complete because if/when you QUIT (and your record states you WILL), the truck STAYS with the Company to be "sold" to another victim/sucker/driver and you get to start all over, if at all, elsewhere.

Have you a recent copy of your (dac/usis) HireRight File/Record??
All 3 Companies you drove at use such system and you might want to investigate EXACTLY WHAT THEY STATED regarding your employment times unless you don't care which WILL HAMPER your future truck driving escapades.
You'll most likely want to utilize the option of filing a Complaint/Grievance regarding how 1 or all 3 somehow slighted/maligned your work record/reputation.

Trucking isn't for every applicant/driver and MANY NEWBIES PROVE IT every Month.

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RE:CDL-A holder seeks lease ownership
Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:52:10 PM


As a employer in trucking I would not qualify you for the reasons I am going to at least show you.

You show a gap in history, which DOT requires 10 years,  what did you do from 2-2009 to 4-2011,  you do not show that, which is a big gap in employment. 

Second you say you paid for a stuck truck,  saying inferior equipment.  as a Commercial Driver you are responsible the second you get in the drivers seat and complete your required pre-trip.  So an admission you messed up is better for you as an explanation.  Since blaming a truck on your failure to properly pre-trip a truck and driving it is your FAULT.

Lastly,  a preventable accident hitting a bridge less than 3 years old,  most insurance companies will DQ you.  A bit of advise,  there is no requirement to post bridge  heights on non-truck routes.  It is you responsibility again to be sure you are on a proper route.

Based on your employment history I would Disqualify you as a unsafe driver.

Sorry,  but maybe a small company might gamble,  but with increasing insurance rates,  it seems that you do not pay attention to operating a commercial vehicle,  dropping trailers where you think it good,  getting stuck and blaming it on the truck,  and hitting a bridge,  your lucky its only 995.00.  I have seem bridge strikes cost thousands,  when the call out the engineers to structure test it.  Best bet is to find a different career.

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