Truck Heaters and Air Conditioning Suppliers

Truck Heaters and Air Conditioning Suppliers

AC Delco

Cab Fresh
Cab Fresh Filter Company manufactures a patented filter device that attaches to the air intakes of the heater and air conditioning systems on some pickups and most models of over the road trucks. Our filters attach easily with no drilling required using push-pull fasteners and screws, which hold the filter firmly in place and are reusable on most models. Our filters are durable so that you can wash your truck without having to remove them. Breathe easy dual filter systems keeps you and your interior clean! Removes 97% of all diesel soot, dust, and dirt. They reduce odors 76%, road grime and pollen. Our new filter contains Spor-Ax, which contains an antimicrobal layer which helps trap bacteria. Benefits continue by reducing clogging fans, heating and air conditioning cores. Our primary layer combined with our charcoal layer provide an excellent team for trapping and eliminating dirt.  Drivers report to us a big improvement of air quality in the vehicles using the "Cab Fresh Filters", along with reduced allergy problems. Replacement elements are available for all our filters. We currently serve over 400 dealers in the US and Canada. All sales are guaranteed 100 percent! Call 1-800-457-3739 or click the above link to learn more.

Carrier Transicold
Carrier Refrigeration Operations, we are an integral part of the world's largest manufacturer of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems and equipment. And a global leader in transport refrigeration and air conditioning. Carrier Transicold specializes in the transport applications of refrigeration and air conditioning in five main areas: Container, Truck/Trailer, Marine, Bus/Rail, and Replacement Components. To serve these sectors on a truly global scale, Carrier Transicold operates 11 manufacturing facilities in eight countries. And we oversee a network of more than 600 dealers, service locations, and parts depots worldwide.

Dometic Corp.
Clean and quiet ... The Duo-Therm heating/cooling system is compressor-driven and operates independently of your truck's engine. Easily installed as a rooftop or internal floor-mounted unit, it can be powered by the a battery/inverter system, an on-board generator, or externally from any standard 115-volt AC outlet. So regardless of the weather outside, now you can save fuel, maintenance and money inside. While enjoying the maximum in sleeping comfort.

Elston Manufacturing Inc.

Harold Electric Company

Indel B North America

Dreison International Inc., is the Cleveland, Ohio-based privately held parent company of Turbo Industries Inc., Marion Manufacturing Co. Inc., Maradyne Corporation, SuperTrapp Industries Inc., DCM Manufacturing Inc., Eagle Engineering & Manufacturing Inc., and Dreison Europe.  As a group, these companies manufacture and market proprietary products for both the original equipment and aftermarket heavy-duty truck, off-road equipment, mining, agricultural equipment, industrial and transportation industries

Marks Air Inc.
Our Company is considered to be one of the leaders in the mobile air conditioning industry. We provide parts, installation and service for all types of trucks, off-road equipment, and domestic vehicles.  Marks Air thrives on challenging situations and projects.

Modine Manufacturing
Modine Manufacturing Company is an independent, worldwide leader in heat-transfer and heat-storage technology serving vehicular, industrial, commercial, and building -HVAC (heating, ventilating, air-conditioning) markets. Modine develops, manufactures, and markets heat exchangers and systems for use in various OEM (original equipment manufacturer) applications and for sale to the automotive aftermarket (as replacement parts) and to a wide array of building markets.

Proheat Thermal Technology
Proheat is the manufacturer of the No. 1 diesel-fired coolant heaters for cab warmth, engine pre-heat, fuel savings and reduced engine wear in North America.  Proheat has recently introduced PROHEAT I.C.E., a diesel-burning AC/DC generator for entire truck comfort providing heating, air conditioning and independent electricity for running all of your appliance to give you all the comforts of home.  All Proheat products are anti-idle compliant.

Pony Pack Inc
Our product gives truckers an alternative to idling their big engine. A Pony Pack supplies cab/sleeper heating and cooling, engine warming, and battery charging as needed, for a fraction of what it costs to idle the truck. This saves fuel, engine wear and tear, and increases oil life.

Thermo King

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